AEGROUP has more than 75 years experience with the manufacturing and distribution of electrical motors and actuators, ranging from greenhouses to military, automotive and aerospace applications.

    We are a technological center with in-house experienced specialists in all relevant domains (from simulation to manufacturing, from electromagnetics to fluid mechanics and from training to auditing and grant proposals) and taking advantage of dedicated analysis and design software tools.

  • NEWS

    • University Racing Eindhoven's URE11 features four in-wheel motors developed together with AEGROUP.

      Would you believe a group of TU/e students have built an electric car that accelerates faster than a Tesla Model S, Bugatti Veyron and any other production car?


    AEGROUP offers a broad range of electrical motors and generators for general, servo-drive or traction applications, from standard frame sizes and models to custom designed electrical machines.

    Furthermore, AEGROUP is the right partner for customers seeking specific electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical design of electrical rotary or linear drives. Read more...


    Computer controlled test stands for Electrical Motors and Generators offering exceptional load testing capabilities and features as adjustable mounting platform and integrated power analyzers.

    The analysis of electrical and mechanical features, thermal evaluation, overload capacity and technical data of powertrains, gears and electrical machinery, of which the most important are efficiency and performance factor, provides heavy demands on flexibility and safe operating of a test stand system. Read more...

    Please contact us if you want to learn more about our customer specific solutions and what we can offer for your application.