• Motor-CAD v8 New Features

    The development of Motor-CAD has been driven by user feedback. There are many new features that will be of interest to existing and new users of Motor-CAD. A range of the new features added include:
    • Insulation lifetime model for lifetime calculation with complex duty cycle operation.
    • Cuboidal element winding model providing detailed winding temperature analysis.
    • Internal script option for running during steady state and transient calculations to allow parameters to be changed dynamically. This is useful for modelling heat exchangers in cooling system.
    • New BPM-EMag module provides complete electromagnetic and thermal model for BPM machines.
    • Improved transient solving with new DAE solver delivering faster transient solving.
    • User options for splitting rotor cage losses between bars and endrings, stray load losses between stator and rotor and stator copper losses between active and endwinding sections.
    • Improved cooling options - coupling different cooling systems in series and in parallel. New through ventilation, spray cooling, slot water jacket , blown over, open endcap and shaft cooling options.
    • 3D geometry export in STL format to allow geometry to be used in other 3D packages.
    Finite Element slot temperature calculation