• AE Achievements

    Electric Superbike Twente wins MotoE Championship 2018

    Electric Superbike Twente has won their very first season in the MotoE. The final two races at Anglesey were won by rider Thijs Peeters, which was enough to win the MotoE championship of 2018. Read more...

    University Racing Eindhoven's URE11 features four in-wheel motors developed together with AEGROUP.

    Would you believe a group of TU/e students have built an electric car that accelerates faster than a Tesla Model S, Bugatti Veyron and any other production car? Read more...

    GT launches pilot study electricity generation from CHP's waste heat

    Dutch companies Green Turbine B.V. and AE Magnetics B.V. [1] have just begun a project in which waste heat from CHP and digesters is being used in the production of electricity. The heat derived from the biogas CHP's exhaust gases is converted into electricity by using a GreenSkid (a complete plug-and-play skid in which the Green Turbine is integrated).

    Once the GreenSkid has been built it will be tested for about a period of 1 year. At the same time the system will be optimised for future application at digestion plants. Due to the high efficiency and the relative low costs, we are anticipating the GreenSkid will produce renewable energy at a very low financial cost.

    This project is conducted in co-operation with Hoogheemraadschap Stichtse Rijnlanden [2], Waterschap Vechtstromen [3] (both are Dutch Waterboards) and Dutch livestock farmer Johannes van der Veen. It is financially supported by RVO [4], the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

    For further questions, please contact Eefje Post (e.post@greenturbine.eu) or phone + 316-53898332.

    Elektromotoren uit eigen land

    SPRANG-CAPELLE - Het Sprang-Capelse bedrijf Paulides BV, dat elektromotoren ontwikkelt en fabriceert, heeft een grote order binnen uit België. Het bedrijf mag 2500 motoren produceren voor nieuwe slagbomen bij Belgische spoorwegovergangen. Een klus van tien jaar. Daarnaast heeft Paulides een onderhoudscontract van twintig jaar. Voor Paulides betekent dit de grootste opdracht ooit in België. Read more...