• Electromagnetic analysis software

    SPEED is a specialized analysis tool for the design of electric machines such as motors, generators and alternators including the drive with inverters and their control. Backed by 25 years of experience within the SPEED Lab at the University of Glasgow, SPEED has 1500+ international users, including leading manufacturers, designers, developers and users of electric machines.

    Thousands of machines have been designed with SPEED, and millions have been produced. SPEED is a simple, intuitive, fast and efficient tool for:

    • Sizing and preliminary design of new prototypes.
    • Characterization of new and existing products: performance study and quick assessment of the effect of parameter changes.
    Furthermore, its highly organized data in both numerical and graphical form facilitates communication between company sites, and often between supplier and customer. Finally, SPEED can be used in conjunction with high-powered specialist CAE tools such as STAR-CCM+ for the exhaustive analysis of difficult electromagnetic, mechanical, or thermal problems.

    • Many geometric possibilities
    • Squarewave / Sinewave
    • Surface / Interior PM
    • Interior / Exterior Rotor
    • Motors / Generators
    • Standard / Custom Windings
    • Automatic EM model calibration using PC-FEA
    • Automatic thermal model calibration using Motor-CAD

    • Many geometric possibilities
    • Fixed voltage / PWM drives
    • 3-phase / single phase
    • Standard / custom windings
    • Line start transient analysis
    • Operating point / torque-SPEED calculation
    • Automatic thermal model calibration using Motor-CAD

    • Fully automated links to SPEED programs with transfer of geometry, winding and drive
    • Automatic meshing and set up of boundary conditions
    • Automated post processing sending data back to SPEED for model calibration
    • Embedded PC-FEA solver in PC-BDC to automatically calibrate analytical algorithms

    • Variable phases and geometry
    • Firing angle / voltage / current control
    • Motors / Generators
    • Multi-stroke simul
    • Automated links to calibrate magnetisation curves using PC-FEA

    PC-DCM & PC-WFC:
    • PMDC and Universal Motors
    • DC / chopper / phase control