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Electrical driving incentives are omnipresent! Vehicles with internal combustion engine (ICE) will be banned from our (inner) cities (at least in certain EU countries)! Electric mobility will dominate our lives for the next generations, until we prove that clean airborne transportation will be an alternative. Currently, our electric vehicles have a relatively high mass, mainly due to existing platforms combined with a large battery and/or additional ICE components in case of an hybrid. However, is such a large mass necessary to move most often a single person?

Our ′far′ future will be coloured by human carrying robots submerged with Intelligent Computational Technology (ICT). They will add only little mass to the person they need to carry. At present too many safety concerns, mainly due to operator limitations, are present that will prevent such vehicles from appearing in large numbers on the road. An alternative road legal transportation readily available for low mass transportation is a motorbike, a two-wheel vehicle of around 50-250 kg that is able to transport a person with high efficiency! Electrified motorbikes, scooters and mopeds are appearing and some are available with multiple batteries to extend the range to around 200 km with minimum added mass. Even motorbikes are appearing with active stability to minimize the required driving skills. Indeed, our next generation raised with ICT will want to drive computers rather than cars. The Appscooter of Etergo is a Dutch example of such a merger between a computer and a two-wheeler. To advance two-wheeler technology, electric motorbikes, like formula student electric, will be allowed to hold races within city centres! Moving all types of electric vehicles closer to evermore urbanized people will improve electric mobility acceptance! Electric mobility is fun, we do not need howling ICE′s anymore to get a feel for speed and high levels of adrenaline! Therefore AE sponsors the students of today, who will be the visionaries of tomorrow to illustrate that electric incentives are here to stay!

In case you are interested for AE to join your journey and/or enthusiastic to create your ultimate-performance commercial or racing electrical drive, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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