• Automotive

    Modern automotive vehicles are filled with new and complex technologies. HEVs/EVs and electric auxiliaries are a strategic automotive industry focus due to the growing emphasis on air and noise pollution, both by consumers and governmental instances. These components and vehicles rely on advanced electronically-controlled systems working together across a wide range of operating conditions to ensure low cost efficient performance, safety as well as reliability. Evermore vehicles are therefore equipped with electronic components such as an electric motors/generators, power converters, battery pack, and associated controllers and sensors. Safe and reliable vehicle operation depends on the successful integration and verification of all these drive train components.

    What the AEGROUP offers:
    Modern day energy sources (e.g. fuel cells, solar cells, batteries) and electric driven auxiliaries in vehicles like motorbikes, cars, and trucks will result in a massive growth of electric machines. The AEGROUP aids by the analysis, design, prototyping and/or high volume manufacturing of low cost, high performance, and clean E-drive systems. Consequently the AEGROUP aids automotive customers to identify solutions to reduce the cost of electric machines by implementing:
    • Optimization/analysis of current motors,
    • New integrated E-drive ideas/patents,
    • PM-less electrical machines,
    • Propulsion system analysis,