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Electric drives are the combination of electrical motors and power electronics needed to convert AC grid power or DC battery power into mechanical actuation. At AE Group we provide both custom solutions for our customers who seek solutions for specific applications and standard solutions for a wide range of products. With our expertise in both motor or generator design, as well as in house designed power electronics for grid and battery powered applications, we can create the tailor made solutions for any situation.

The electric drives we design can be found in:

For applications that require the most cost effective solutions we have a range of power electronics for battery applications that can handle a wide range of input voltages and high current outputs. This ensures that always is a standard solution that will fit the application.

At AE-Group we are always working on expanding our standard product range, as well as testing and verifying the use of new and upcoming technologies. This way we stay at the cutting edge of what is possible. Creating the most reliable, power dense electric drives.

Contact us to see how we can help you create your electric drive with custom or standard solutions.

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