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R&D & Multi-Physics Consultancy

AE Group offers consultancy at system level for optimum mechatronic solutions tailored to the customer specifications, that is from concept to end-product. Our expertise covers the area of rotary and linear electrical motors and generators, electromagnetic actuators and electric drives including their supply and load! The in-house know-how and a close cooperation with selected partners enables us to provide expert consultancy concerning the electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal, power conversion and control aspects of complex electromechanical solutions and mechatronic systems. As such, we offer:

For more information or specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value working together with you to understand what we can offer. This can range from a couple of days work to subcontracted R&D in case you like our approach. We prefer to undertake detailed and accurate analysis rather than supplying you with a fast solution, which we know will be non-optimal in the final product.

CAD Model Of Electric Drive
CAD Model Of Electric Drive