• Medical

    AE Medicalis is involved in several pre-developments of medical devices, this ranges from cardiac clinical monitor to electric motor to VAD to life support. We are an early stage medical device corporation that can assist you with your challenge and/or further development of your medical system or device!

    Unique AE Medicalis engineering capabilities:

    • Spending time to understand your challenge and assist you with your medical device
    • Understand in detail material variations and there influence of the medical device
    • In-house test bench development to illustrate statistical parameter variations
    • Patent search and patent creation, where all various kinds of IP arrangements are possible!
    • Implantable prototype motors from 3 French (+/- 1 mm)
    • Controller development with knowledge transfer to your organization
    • Proven track record in medical applications that employ either an electric motor and or actuator
    • Multi-physical simulation tools ready to assist the experimental validations
    • Model-based approach to illustrate need for white-box control instead of black-box
    • Capability to create observers and non-contact position sensors
    • In-house prototyping capabilities with deep knowledge of our processes
    • Agile partner, providing you with answers to your challenges
    • Out-of-the box thinkers that can also help with parameter extraction from your medical device, such as flow estimation, predicting maintenance, position shift and any other requirement that will improve your device, where our aim will always be to improve patients well-being

    We have a deep understanding of implantable electric motors and have gained a lot of experience in biocompatibility. With this, we gained a lot of respect to the unique fluid that provides a lifeline to all of us. In this respect, AE Medicalis is looking for challenges to illustrate that power dense machines and their correct commutation can significantly contribute to improved health care devices. Within a medical application we understand that it is not “just” about delivering a first-time right prototype, but also to be able to deliver and investigate tolerances and statistical variations in the parameters of the device. We have build test benches to illustrate product variations and look forward assisting you with any challenge you might have. We have experience in electrical motors with an exterior diameter from 3 French (about 1mm).

    What is unique in working with AE Medicalis is that we like to understand the way the electrical motor behaves within the system (if you allow us to assist at this level). As such we also have the capability to undertake computational fluid dynamics investigations. Preliminary test with glycerol, and or any other test that you might have. We also look into detail at the controller driving the motor, what most engineering suppliers do is to utilize an existing motor driving chip. We know that this will always be a sub-optimum solution and although it will spin (rotate) the electrical machine, it usually leads to some unwanted forces within your medical device. Therefore, due to AE Medicalis deep understanding of how to drive the motor, which is also called commutation, we can simulate and experimentally illustrate the removal of these (usually unwanted) auxiliary effects. Commutation is the way how currents are supplied to the coils with respect to the magnetic field that is present. By altering the current waveform shape, phase and amplitude a lot of (usually considered parasitic) forces or force ripples can be minimized or even completely. In case you are interested for AE Medicalis capabilities, please contact us at info@ae-grp.nl.