• Industrial

    The industry is relying on electric prime movers for driving process equipment participating in production line ups. It is therefore invariably that the installation of numerous electric motor types is required. This continuous process of technical development provides the availability of highly diversified types of electric motors.
    As such, an utmost care is required in selecting the most appropriate motor type considering specific technical factors for each application, so that the motor would provide desired and optimum performance. The motor characteristics vary widely with the nature of their industrial application and duty-cycle they are expected to perform continuously:

    • Constant SPEED applications
    • Constant torque
    • Variable SPEED
    • Continuous/intermittent duty
    • Steep/sudden starts
    • Frequent start/stops
    What the AE-GROUP offers:
    The AE-GROUP assists to carefully select the most appropriate motor type for that specific application. As such, a working knowledge of electrical engineering is offered as the industrial application of electrical apparatus increases, whether specific design/analysis or component selection. Within these industrial applications, motors are often required to perform under abnormal conditions during their total service life:
    • Overloading, locked rotor,
    • Momentary interruption/Bus transfer
    • Improper cable sizing or poor ventilation
    • Dirt accumulation, exposure to direct sunlight
    • Premature failure of stator or rotor insulation
    • Breakage of rotor magnets, bars and/or end rings

    Occurrence of these specific motor conditions for short/long duration or even transiently usually results in overheating of the motor along with one or several of the other effects. All industrial motors encounter few or several of these abnormalities during the course of their service lives. Consideration of listed abnormal conditions together with the AE-GROUP at the design stage greatly helps to reduce the effects of abnormal conditions to maintain a consistent performance.