• Test Benches

    Computer controlled test stands for Electrical Motors and Generators offering exceptional load testing capabilities and features as adjustable mounting platform and integrated power analyzers.

    The analysis of electrical and mechanical features, thermal evaluation, overload capacity and technical data of powertrains, gears and electrical machinery, of which the most important are efficiency and performance factor, provides heavy demands on flexibility and safe operating of a test stand system.

    These systems offer exceptional load testing capabilities and features an adjustable mounting platform that provides for a wide range of placements. By integrated power analyzer, computer controlled test stands are realized with <64-channel current-/voltage measurement, so separate efficiencies specification of gear(s), motor(s) and/or converter(s) are effected even for converter fed drive systems.

    Key features
    • Torque range 0.1Nm . 30,000 Nm
    • Power range 0.5W . 1,000 kW
    • SPEED range up to 300,000 rpm
    • Minimizes your energy bill (4-quadrant operation).
    • Modular design.
    • Worldwide after-sales service
    • Optimal project handling
    • Integrated high-precision power analyzer for electronic data logging
    Mechanical part of the testbench
    • Adjustable X-Y-Z axis load machine table
    • Robust system with necessary protection casing
    • Torque/SPEED sensor
    • AC and/or DC motor supply
    • Measuring signal conditioning
    • Outer dimension according to your space availability
    • Water or oil cooling circuit
    Electrical part of the testbench
    • Matlab Simulink interface
    • Allows for all motor controls, i.e. induction, servo motors, DC motors, flux switching . synchronous
    • Water cooled smart inverter target platform with brake chopper.
    • 3-step transformer with soft starter
    • Digital interface board; central PC + switch
    • Unlimited current and voltage measurements
    • Option to control/synchronize multiple inverters
    • Unlimited temperature sensors + interfaces
    We can also provide customized solutions from kW to MW range for laboratory, production and/or quality assurance.