• Solarboat Twente

    AE developing ultra-high performance electric drive in Nacelle.

    Transportation over water, will it have a future? How to achieve optimum speed versus power? Can a boat solely be powered by solar-panels? Racing speed with light weight boat, how to elevate the boat from the water and build a reliable control system to allow boat "flying". Increasing the speed of ships needs to come with reduced drag. What will future ships look like, will they still be having a hull? Together with Solarboat Twente we are trying to create an ultimate reliable Nacelle that could also be used to power, but also to "hover" the boat above the water at elevated speeds. In this case, we have a further partnership with Kolmer Electric Machines, who will commercialize this ultimate pod-thruster (also called pod-drive or in-line thruster)! Looking forward hearing from you in case you are interested!

    Interested to join these students and/or sponsor their journey, please contact Solarboat Twente. In case you have a commercial question please contact info@ae-grp.nl.