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Superbike Twente

Twente Superbike / AE Group electric drive: "150 kW with 15 kg"!

What started as a dream has become reality! Within one year Electric Superbike Twente has moved from an idea to winning the MotoE competition! In 2017, some students of the University of Twente gathered and decided to build a fast full electric motorbike. On the way to a golden future for the electric motorcycle, electric motorcycles will guaranteed a golden future thanks to their extremely efficient energy conversion characteristics, enormous torque, unprecedented acceleration and low environmental impact. The Electric Superbike Student Team designed and built an electric Superbike from scratch to compete in the European Championship. Not financially supported by a large company or governmental support, it was a journey of highs and lows to design the electric superbike, called Lion-GP, capable of 250 km/h and from 0-100 km/h in around 3 seconds. A specially designed electromotor capable of producing 150 kilowatts, and a battery pack consisting of 1440 li-ion cells is what makes all of this possible. Every year students, either part or full time, take on this challenge. These students are chosen from different disciplines to be part of the team to help to try to build the fastest electric superbike of the world. We as AE were very privileged to join their journey to success!

Interested to join these students and/or sponsor their journey, please contact Electric Superbike Twente. In case you have a commercial question please contact


On the 8th of January of this year, an article was published in which the unique swappable battery feature of the 5th generation superbike was put in the spotlight. Superbike Twente is the first electric superbike to have a modular battery pack.

This year's Electric Superbike was unveiled on January 16, 2024:

Electric Superbike Twente 2024 Reveal
Electric Superbike Twente 2024 in Brussels
Electric Superbike Twente 2024 Partners
Electric Superbike Twente 2024 - Cooling - Electromotor loop
Electric Superbike Twente 2024 - Cooling - Inverter loop
Electric Superbike Twente 2024 - Cooling - Duct design

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