• Company Profile

    AE-GROUP supports our partners with:
    • Design and supply, prototyping and series manufacturing of electric motors, electric drive test benches, magnet assemblies, magnetizersand electric cabinets.
    • Motor components, e.g. ferrite magnets, NdFeB / SmCo magnets, motor laminations and coil assemblies.
    • Advice, selection, design and / or manufacturing of advanced electromagnetic solutions, e.g. magnetic assemblies, electromagnetic sensors, coil design and energy harvesting.
    • Motor electromagnetic and thermal design software.
    AE-GROUP has:
    • More than 75 years' experience with the manufacturing and distribution of electrical motors and actuators, ranging from greenhouses to military, automotive and aerospace applications.
    • In-house experienced specialists in all relevant domains (from simulation to manufacturing, from electromagnetics to fluid mechanics and from training to auditing).
    • Technological center with in-house software and experience with grant/bid proposals.
    AE-GROUP is specialized in:
    • Design prototyping and series production of high performance electrical machines (e.g. direct-drive), power electronics and electromechanical systems.
    • Manufacturing, import and distribution of magnetic products for industrial, commercial and consumer use.
    • Producing metal and semi-manufactured synthetic material components.
    • Production and sales of motors and auxiliary equipment for battery-supplied systems.
    AE-GROUP provides services related to:
    • consulting and feasibility studies,
    • engineering and design work,
    • modeling and optimization,
    • test and measurements,
    • audible noise identification and visualization,
    • forensic examinations,
    • bibliographic research,
    • patent consulting,
    • characterization of soft ferromagnetic material,
    • specification writing,
    • training, technical / commercial bid evaluation,
    • NVH, FMEA, RCA,
    • production, auditing,
    • reliability, lifetime assessment,
    • design (cross) verification, and
    • safety aspects and vendor audits (quality and manufacturing process) related to electric drive technologies.
    AE-GROUP provides their services worldwide from concept to production and from start-ups to established and renowned companies.