• Formula Belgium

    AE developing ultra-high performance electric drive including power electronics.

    During the initial meeting with Formula Electric Belgium, our friends from Leuven, we discussed that the power of the motor is in the inverter. It is surely true that the inverter needs to meet the motor requirements! However, mostly a motor and inverter are separately selected resulting in a none-optimized performance. What can be achieved when perfectly matched to reach ultimate performance? Several Master Students of KU Leuven work together with AE to answer this question for a light weight four-wheel electrically driven vehicle. However, what about gearing? Should the electrical motor in the wheel be directly driven of better to have a mechanical gear stage? What about cooling... Air-cooled or water-cooled? Thanks for the students of Leuven for allowing us to join their journey!

    Interested to join these students and/or sponsor their journey, please contact Formula Electric Belgium. In case you have a commercial question please contact info@ae-grp.nl.