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Sustainable Energy

Energy Floors

AE Group is a proud technology partner of Energy Floors, a Rotterdam-based company. Energy Floors designs and builds floors that generate energy, are smart, interactive and make sustainability visible.

We believe that all technology is available to create a sustainable world. We just need to realize this and embrace these technologies into our everyday lives. Everyone who steps on one of the Energy Floors products realizes that they can really make an impact.

Energy Floors aims to create awareness about renewable energy generation and environmental impact. They do this by making energy production visible, interactive, smart and fun.

Currently Coldplay are using Energy Floors to boost their sustainability initiatives with fan power on the Music Of The Spheres World Tour. You can read an article about the subject here.

Last but not least we want to congratulate Energy Floors with their 15th anniversary, and thank you for being part of our incredible journey towards a greener future!

Energy Floors - The Dancer
Energy Floors - The Dancer At Exhibition
Energy Floors - The Walker
Energy Floors - Concept

AE Wave Hexapod - Wave Energy Converter

Energy from ocean surface waves is the most prominent form of marine energy. The waves are produced by wind action and are therefore an indirect form of solar energy. A wave energy converter (WEC) is a device for extracting energy from waves and converting the extracted energy into useful energy. AE Wave Hexapod works together with the department of physical oceanography at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenadato CECISE to investigate a novel WEC concept and develop an optimized linear generator design, based on dynamic and electro magnetic simulations of the WEC.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit the website of AE Wave Hexapod.

AE Wave Hexapod concept - Submersible
AE Wave Hexapod concept - Energy flow

AE Wave Hexapod at WereldHavenDagen 2022 - Two robots
AE Wave Hexapod at WereldHavenDagen 2022 - Harbor view

AE Wave Hexapod exhibition at WereldHavenDagen 2022. The robot arm on the left converts wave energy into electric energy used by the robot arm on the right to paddle.

LPS Twin Turbine

The most modern Internal Combustion Engines have an efficiency of almost 50% and for the older engine designs this is around 40% or even 30%. With the remaining energy being lost to cooling water and exhaust gas.

The LPS Twin Turbine reduces losses and emissions to air by increasing efficiency with 6-9% depending on engine design, exhaust gas temperature and engine load. The payback time based on current low cost fossil fuels is less than 4 years and can be less than 2 years for the more demanding operational profiles or more costly future fuels.

By using Low Pressure Steam, LPS TwinTurbine is using an environmental friendly process fluid and is easy to maintain.

Visit LPS Twin Turbine for more information.

LPS Twin Turbine

The counter-rotating twin turbine wheels are in the center, with the twin generators (in black) on the far left and the far right. The turbine wheels are not connected and there is no stator in between the wheels. Each wheel is fitted on its own generator shaft. This makes maintenance extremely easy: After taking out the eight bolts that tie the housing together, the turbine can be split in the twin turbine generator sections.

Just Energy Solutions B.V. / "De Waterbatterij"

In the company Just Energy Solutions, we develop "De Waterbatterij", an innovative solution for heating buildings. "De Waterbatterij" (The Water Battery) is a buffer vessel that converts excess electricity into useful heat. It consists of a well-insulated buffer tank with electric heaters. The heaters are turned on when there is too much electricity on the grid or when it is locally favorable.

The estimated amount of time it takes to earn back your initial investment is five years.

For more information, please contact Just Energy Solutions.

Just Energy Solutions B.V. - De Waterbatterij

Tiler - Wireless Charging

Most charging solutions for e-bikes are cumbersome and aren't universal. Our partners at Tiler want the world to have one tile that charges them all. Their patented technology is compatible with more than 80% of e-bikes and they are continually adding more to the list.

For more information, please visit their website.