• Electrical Motors and Generators

    AE-GROUP offers a broad range of electrical motors and generators for general, servo-drive or traction applications, from standard frame sizes and models to custom designed electrical machines:
    • AC and DC brushless PM machines
    • DC-brushed machines
    • Induction machines
    • Switched reluctance machines
    • Synchronous reluctance machines
    Furthermore, AEGROUP is the right partner for customers seeking specific electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical design of electrical rotary or linear drives. Our expertise ranges from low to high speed, small to high power and rotary or linear solutions.

    We have strong partnerships to supply, either as prototype or in series, complete drive systems. Our customers can rely to continually advance their technology by the design of very high torque and power dense electric drives and/or electric linear and rotary machines. The drives will contain the latest technological innovations and control to provide our customers with the most optimal solution for their application.

    Please contact us to learn more about our customer specific solutions and what we can offer for your application.