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MANTA AIRCRAFT is a high-tech engineering and design company engaged in the development of multi-purpose aerial platforms and different models of hybrid-electric V/STOL vehicles for advanced air mobility. The company’s innovative and flexible mission in the near future is focused on high-performance high energy-efficient products tailored to customers’ specifications for a wide range of applications and inter-regional operations.

An unique aircraft platform architecture forms the basis for many models to better connect regions, open new opportunities for aerial applications, and offer more efficient solutions to legacy operations.

All models can take-off and land vertically, therefore require very little ground space; e.g. existing helipads or surfaces with a size half a tennis court are perfectly enough.

Based on design analyses, CFD (computational fluid dynamics) data and initial simulations, a one-third-scaled flying prototype has been developed and manufactured. After the first flights in December 2020, the data obtained are used for detailed design and optimization. The model is completely made of carbon fiber and is equipped with electric motors, fixed and tilting fans and a developmental flight-control computer.

AE Group is a proud partner of MANTA AIRCRAFT.

If you are interested in a specific application, we are always open to other collaborations.