• Ecorunner Delft

    Eco-Runner Delft / AE electric drive: "<1W of propulsion to move a kg of person mass".

    What will be the ultimate usage of electrical power? Together with Eco-Runner Delft, AE is trying to answer this question to see how much driving range can be achieved on the equivalent energy content of 1 liter of petrol. How much power is needed to move a person? Can we achieve <1W/kg, where <1W is the available propulsion power per kg of person driving the vehicle. Will it be convertible? What should it look like? Powered by a fuel cell with highly variable DC-link and "only" capacity to deliver nominal power… What storage device will be used, how large? Constantly considering the minimization of power to move a person over a certain track. Non-Dutch roads, so likely elevation will be part of the journey! AE joined Eco-Runner Delft in their quest to achieve ultimate driving range. In this case, it is not about the rate of acceleration, but more about the strategy required to reach ultimate driving range. Is this not what the electrical vehicles of the future will need?

    Interested to join these students and/or sponsor their journey, please contact Eco-Runner Delft. In case you have a commercial question please contact info@ae-grp.nl.