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About AE Marine

AE Marine offers new build and repair services for any permanent magnet electric machine used in shipping. We strongly prefer to build performance machines with a class H insulation system, the best stator slot insulation, the best heat conductivity and the best purpose designed small form factor power electronics for motor drive and control. The result of our design philosophy is a high power output at low revolutions boosting the performance of the propeller blades while keeping noise levels down.

Like to challenge?

Changing the world is easier when joining hands and we are always interested in exchanging ideas that can change the world. Efficiencies can be increased, use of materials or volume can be decreased and if you want to be able to connect with your vessel from the palm of your hand then your phone can extend bridge and engine room displays.

Services and products

Our knowledge is our key strength and we can deliver consultancy for every topic related to electric drive systems. In our location in Waalwijk we manufacture and restore high-torque hollow shaft motors and RIM electric thrusters starting as small as 3 kW but just as easy touching 3 MW. For electric machines working below sea level we seal the stator and rotor with a two component resin processed based on submarine requirements for absence of air cavities. The type of resin used, the mixing of the resin, the preparation of the stator before filling and the filling method all contribute to delivering a stator and rotor integrity capable of withstanding high static pressure. This not only delivers a bullet proof structural integrity. The absence of air cavities in the resin also enhances the heat dissipation of the motor windings reducing thermal expansion and contraction stresses and avoiding hot spots. Motor longevity and reliability are the results.

Factory example; an express rebuild

When a RIM thruster appeared to be a total loss during a docking at the end of January, the owner requested if a rebuild was possible before the start of the spring season. Two days later the thruster was in our workshop for disassembly and removal of the old resin, windings and stator core. After quality checks and adjustments on the salvaged housing and rotor, a new stator core was laser cut and build, windings inserted, connected and reinstalled in the housing. Reassembly of the stator and sealing with our vacuum filling process improved the original design. The bearing system was rede-signed and rebuild and the integrity of the permanent magnets was restored. The factory acceptance tests with the thruster rotating in a basin completed the rebuild just before the yacht planned to leave the dock for the spring season start.

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Factory acceptance test

200 kW RIM thruster being prepared for factory acceptance test.

Electric Drive For Ship Developed By AE Group