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About AE Group

AE Group is a technological center with nearly 100 years of experience with the manufacturing and distribution of electrical motors and actuators.

 We design and sell custom drives (for all kinds of applications, ranging from the automotive and marine to sustainability and medical industry, and from tiny to big) as well as testbenches and dedicated sofware, but also offer consultancy and trainings and have experience with audits and grant proposals. 

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More things we do
Custom test benches (up to 1MW)
Linear motors by request
Active suspension development
Electric drives for mechanical actuation
Medical applications
Official distributor of specialized Siemens software in the BENELUX area
Universal charging kickstand for e-bikes
Converting wave energy
A dancefloor that makes you generate energy
Building the world's most efficient hydrogen powered city car
Exciting student team projects
LPS Twin Turbine
Open Rotor Concept
Hybrid-electric V/STOL vehicles for advanced air mobility
Marine applications

How to find AE Group

Main Office AE Group

Advanced Electromagnetics B.V. (Main Office AE Group)
Industrieweg 78
5145 PW, Waalwijk
The Netherlands
: +31(0)416 272351
Advanced Electromagnetics B.V. (Other locations)
We also have offices in Sprang-Capelle and Ahmedabad (India). Contact information can be found here.