• DC Motors

    The brushed DC commutator machines currently manufactured by AEGROUP range in size from 150W to 25kW and from 12V to 220V-DC and from 500rpm to 4000rpm. The machines can be depending upon customer specification either wound-field or permanent magnet excited.

    Most standard DC motors of AEGROUP are used for battery supplied applications, e.g. bowscrews for yachts or battery supplied cleaning machines. However, also machines for more specialised applications can be designed. For example in one of the current applications are the brushes and commutator completely submerged in oil.

    Frame Size Type Of Motor Voltage Range Nominal Output Power Peak Output Power Speed Range Min. Enclosure Max. Enclosure Mounting
    A120PMS P.M. 12-180V 0.40kW 1kW 600-4000rpm IP40 IP54 B3/B14/B5/IEC63/71
    A120PM P.M. 12-180V 0.75kW 1.1kW 600-4000rpm IP40 IP55 B3/B14/B5/IEC71/80
    A140PM P.M. 12-200V 1.1kW 3kW 200-4000rpm IP40 IP65 B3/B14/B5/IEC80/90
    A140PML P.M. 12-80V 1.7kW 5kW 200-4000rpm IP40 IP65 B3/B14/B5/IEC80/90
    A159 Shunt/Series/Comp. 12-220V 1.4kW 4kW 800-3500rpm IP40 IP65 B3/B14/B5/IEC80/90
    A166PM P.M. 24-96V 4kW 10kW 800-4000rpm IP20 IP55 B3/B14/B5/IEC90/100
    A178 Shunt/Series/Comp. 12-220V 2kW 6kW 1000-4000rpm IP20 IP55 B3/B14/B5/IEC80/90
    A202PM P.M. 24-240V 4kW 12kW 1000-4000rpm IP20 IP55 B3/B14/B5/IEC90/100
    A229 Shunt/Series/Comp. 24-96V 3kW 8kW 800-3000rpm IP20 IP55 B3/B14/B5/IEC90/100
    A273 Shunt/Series/Comp. 48-96V 12kW 17kW 1500-3500rpm IP20 IP40 B3/B14/B5/IEC112
    PM machine (same as separately excited machine with fixed field)