• High-Torque traction motors

    The AE-110 is a 3-phase permanent magnet motor suited for traction or genset applications up to 110kW. It is designed and manufactured by AEGROUP Its flat design makes the AE-110 ideally suited for inwheel drive applications with a fixed, single-gear, reduction.

    Key features
    • Power range: 110kW (AE-110) or higher upon request
    • Custom torque/speed output characteristics upon request
    • High efficiency
    • High efficiency
    • High torque density
    • Low torque ripple
    • Dedicated inverter and control strategy
    • Sensored or sensorless position detection
    Additional remarks
    • Rotor tested mechanically at >6000rpm
    • Flat housing design adaptable to customer mechanical fixture requirements
    • Adaptable stack length, winding configuration, cooling circuit
    Please contact us regarding your specific request.