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Simcenter SPEED

AE Group is an official distributor of Simcenter Speed in the BENELUX area.

An all-in-one specialized tool for the rapid sizing and preliminary design of electric machines such as motors, generators and alternators.

Access theoretical and physical models of most main classes of electric machines (e.g. permanent magnet and electric excited synchronous, induction, switched reluctance, brushed DC, wound field commutator and axial flux) along with their drives, with a flexible approach that links to even more precise and detailed electric machine analysis and simulation such as multi-physics 2D and 3D Finite Element/Finite Volume magneto-static or magneto-transient, thermal, mechanical and vibro-acoustic.

Additionally, Simcenter SPEED writes a pre-defined set of parameters and specific maps (e.g. flux linkages, moss and/or efficiency and thermal resistances/capacitances) which then can be imported into Simcenter Amesim, supporting the system level simulation of the e-machine integrated in its environment.

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