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AE Group is an official distributor of Simcenter Motorsolve in the BENELUX area.

Simcenter Motorsolve is the complete design and analysis software for permanent magnet, induction, synchronous, electronically, and brush-commutated machines. It leverages the fast nature of equivalent circuits and the accuracy of FEA, with the synergy of automating the nonproductive tasks for rapid and accurate analysis of electric machines.

Our products template-based interface is easy to use and flexible enough to handle practically any motor topology, with provision for custom rotors and stators. Typical FEA operations such as mesh and solver refinements, winding design, motion, and post-processing including the export of 1D models, are not required as the software handles these for the user. Performance parameters, waveforms, and field plots are available with just a click.

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Engineer Working With Simcenter Motorsolve