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Active Suspension

Active Suspension

For automotive vehicles, the suspension system is considered one of the most essential components. It forms the physical link between the tires and the vehicle body. Throughout time many novel suspension systems and innovations have been presented. The rapid electrification of the automotive market creates great opportunity to replace traditional shock absorbers with their electrical counterparts on a worldwide scale.

The active shock absorber by AE Group combines the traditional coil spring with a powerful linear motor. The linear motor is specifically designed for passive damping as well as a large controllable active force. When properly controlled, this shock absorber is capable of improving the ride comfort, handling and safety of the vehicle. Its unique position sensing mechanism ensures proper motor performance and can provide valuable signal data to the vehicle.

As communication between vehicle components and vehicles itself keeps increasing, the shock absorber can play a vital role in future automotive developments. It can for example be used to improve autonomous driving performance, regenerative damping or reducing high frequent vibrations.

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Active Suspension By AE Group